Augmenting developers to deliver high-quality code

CodeDefender - The AI sidekick for developers & non-developers

CodeDefender Features

The AI sidekick for developers & non-developers.

Improve code quality

Through better dev expericence (DX)

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Multiple IDE Support

Visual Studio, VS Code, IntelliJ.

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Dedicated support

Platform or IDE extensions.

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Cloud and on-premise ready

Our platform can be installed in a private cloud or on-premise.

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Free Updates

All customers gets free updates of the platform & extensions.

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Data is protected at rest and in motion - Hashing & Advanced Encryption.

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Other features

  • IDE support: Visual Studio 2022, VS Code, IntelliJ (comming soon), Eclipse (comming soon) Supported
  • Docker/k8s deployment Supported
  • Multiple programming languages - C/C++, C#, Java, Python, rust, etc. Supported
  • Analyze code security, code performance and code correctness (find potential bugs, etc.) Supported
  • Convert code to other programming languages Supported
  • Generate documentation, Explain code Supported
  • Reflect & verify the response text Supported
  • Workspace/Solution understanding; Organization knowledge base (only Enterprise) Supported
  • Support Chat clients that target Local LLMs (e.g. CodeGPT, etc.) Ollama only
  • Custom prompts and multiple models Supported
  • Integrate with local Large Language Models (LLM) Supported
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy Supported


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CodeDefender Usecases

Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio Code

Workspace understanding - Visual Studio Code

Integration with Chat clients (that target Local LLMs)


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